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The department offers comprehensive four-year BE programme leading to:

Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Metallurgical Engineering

(University follows the instructional programme in English language and

examinations based on Semester System)

This degree is based on theory and practical work. The curriculum is specifically designed to commensurate with both the need of industry and R&D at home and keeping in view of recent research trends abroad, to impart quality education at standards equal to that of any international university in the field of Metallurgy.

Following courses are offered in BE degree program.

PEC Accreditation Status:

All batches upto 2018

Course Outline

Pre-requisite Courses

Applicable to the Batches 2015-2016 & onwards

Applicable to the Batches 2010-2011 to-2014-2015

Applicable to the Batches 2007-2008, 2008-2009 & 2009-2010

Course Outlines for Previous Batches



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