Chairman's Message

I would like to welcome you to Department of Metallurgical
Engineering. In today’s world merely natural resources
such oil, gas, minerals etc. are not the real assets than
that of human capital. I believe that knowledge is the only

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Choosing Career

Your choice of career will obviously have a major impact on
your life in the future. Most people find this choice
difficult to make mostly because it is so hard to get useful
information about the many career paths open to you. It is
also difficult to find out what it will be like when you
start your first job in your chosen career, a metallurgical
engineer is right for you.


Jobs and Salaries

The metallurgical profession is extremely diverse, and it
offers a wide variety of career opportunities for young
people who have an interest in technology, science and
engineering. Metallurgical engineers are employed in every
industry and enterprise that produces, buys, sells refines
or manufactures metals or metallic products. This is indeed
true, and metallurgical engineers command good salaries, and
young metallurgical graduates can expect to be able to
choose from some exciting career alternatives.



Analyzing metal material properties such as strength,
hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance, fatigue
resistance and temperature performance. Developing or
improving metal plating processes such as
electroplating. Overseeing metal processing, research or
refining facilities. Working to develop metal materials
and alloys with specific, engineered properties for
applications in industrial, aerospace, automotive and
manufacturing industries.



Welcome to Metallurgical Engineering Department

Vision of Metallurgical Engineering Department To lead as country’s most productive institution in teaching, research and innovation while producing quality Metallurgical Engineers as per advanced market needs. Mission of Metallurgical Engineering Department

It is the mission of the Department to provide excellence in teaching, research and service to the Students in order to make them a useful metallurgist to fulfill the needs of the industry for the benefit of Country as well as the society.



PEO-1: Demonstrate strong competence and analytical skills in the field of Metallurgical Engineering.

PEO-2: Work, manage and communicate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.

PEO-3: Carry on professional and ethical values and commitment towards continuous professional growth and embroil with lifelong learning.